• Residential building and development
    • Site identification & land assembly
    • Strategy & solutions for landowners inconjunction with Blenheim Realty
    • Joint ventures with land owners/ (Negotiating acquisition and funding)
    • Building contracts for design and build opportunities



Whether acquiring land under a conditional agreement or outright purchasing, we strive to find the true values of the asset class involved. Having an understanding of the local development framework (local plan) and associated spacial documents is intrinsically vital and forms the basis on which many of our deals stem. It aids us in finding the true values of the land asset quickly and allows us to minimise time wastage that can so easily accumulate if the incorrect approach is taken from the outset. We also have a sister land promotion company (Blenheim Realty) that assists us in planning and further expertise where required.

When it comes to selling we use a range of estate and property personnel from within our personal contacts network, always seeking to find the correct agent to help us achieve the best results.


Blenheim Homes has successfully assembled and continues to assemble land for its developments throughout North West London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Essex, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and parts of the south of England.


Blenheim Homes understands residential land, we take sites from the very early inception period all the way through to delivering the housing product. This sometimes means taking on difficult sites in conservation areas or indeed smaller sites where a careful eye must be adopted to ensure the site is maximised in a creative and sensitive manner. Seeking planning permission can be a painstaking and frustrating pursuit and may take many months of careful negotiation with local authorities, highways personnel and surveyors, but we believe we can find the correct solution for all differing plots of land that come our way. Our simple advice to landowners therefore, is to seek our professional advice and allow us take on your land using our expertise whilst also being comforted that we will incur all costs associated with the process at our risk.


Our Houses

Our houses are built with the modern purchaser in mind and a sense of using green energy solutions. We have a passion for perfecting our new homes and maximising their value for our home buyers. Our designs our equally classical and contemporary but the design mix is diligently thought through depending on the market and specific location. We emphasis our overall approach to build quality and customer service as our paramount objectives.

Project Management

We seek to manage milestones effectively and where possible minimise risk and time on given projects. We have a breadth of experience in managing projects and pride ourselves in delivering in an effective and resourceful manner.


Blenheim Homes are fortunate to have a land partnering company, Blenheim Realty that is solely focused upon all manner of planning and that is able to assist Blenheim Homes and apply the correct remedial action or proactive approach to each commercial land opportunity that arises.